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Dwelltech Industries Ltd.

Dwelltech Industries is a manufacturer of pre-engineered Structural Arches. Dwelltech’s Structural Arches are used exclusively in our two unique residential building brands:

The Dwelly is available in two configurations and only available 100% plug & stay. It is designed as a full-time accessory dwelling for singles or seniors. Or vacation accommodations for a couple.

The Shelly is much more flexible and can be customized by the client with modules into 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom homes. The Shelly is delivered to site as a "shell" and is finished by a Owner Builder or local Contractor.

Dwelltech operates from two locations, Maple Ridge & Walhachin, British Columbia, Canada. Dwelltech offers The Dwelly and The Shelly through building contractor partners located throughout British Columbia.

At Dwelltech we love what we do and pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality structural building products which are resourcefully utilized in The Dwelly and The Shelly Modular, with particular attention to function, cost, and sustainability.

Dwelltech Homes: